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Cheekies: Mastering the Art of Perfect Chicken Breast

At Cheekies, we're not just serving chicken breast — we're elevating it. Through meticulous preparation and culinary expertise, we transform what is often seen as a mundane protein source into a tender, juicy delight. And the result? A delicious, lean protein option that has aided countless individuals in achieving their weight goals. Why? Because when chicken breast is both nutritious and delectable, it becomes a joy to include in your diet.

Joyce's Transformation with Cheekies

Joyce embraced our subscription plan and paired it with her active workout regimen. In just two months with Cheekies as her nutritional ally, she has achieved an impressive weight loss of 9-10kg.


Wei Jie

Wei Jie has developed a penchant for our black pepper chicken breasts, making it his go-to choice time and again. Paired with the expert guidance from our Personal Trainer ambassador, Westoh, he has celebrated a significant weight loss of 9-10kg with Cheekies.



In just a single month with Cheekies, Daryl has shed an impressive 3kg. The potent combination of regular workouts and a dedicated Cheekies diet proves to be the winning formula for success.



Syazlina, a vibrant Zumba trainer, lights up our 'For You Page' with her energetic dance routines. Alongside her passion for dance, she's chosen Cheekies as her dietary partner. This powerful combination has led her to shed an impressive 10kg in just 3 months. We're thrilled to be a part of her fitness journey and couldn't be happier for her success!

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