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  • How does subscription work?
    Once subscribed, you will be receiving the three flavour bundle every month. The billing will be auto renewed on the date that you have ordered. You will also gain access to exclusive offers such as early access to new flavours and products from us at a cheaper rate.
  • Will you be expanding to other products soon?
    Of course we will, chicken breasts are simply the beginning =)
  • How long can we keep the chicken?
    Up to 4 months if kept frozen. This is why we keep 2 separate 500g bags of chicken in your 1kg pouch to make it easier for you. Only take what you need and keep the rest in the freezer
  • How many pieces of chicken are there?
    Chicken Breasts (1kg packet) 12 to 13 pieces Chicken Chop (1kg packet) 6 to 7 pieces
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